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Moosend Review: Is It Really That Good?

June 8, 2023
Irina Maltseva

In the world of email marketing services, there are several well-known brands, and then there's Moosend

Established in 2011 in Greece, Moosend is an email marketing tool well-liked by small and medium enterprises, bloggers, and e-commerce firms. As a relative newcomer, prospective users might be inclined to doubt its efficiency and reliability as a top-notch marketing tool. 

This Moosend review piece aims to answer any lingering questions about the product's functionality and reliability and deeply explore the email marketing software. If you're looking for a new and reliable email marketing platform and are planning to try out Moosend, read on!

Moosend review: summary

  • With Moosend, you get good value for money paid
  • Top-notch email automation and segmentation with the aid of workflow templates
  • Sophisticated tool with numerous capabilities
  • User-friendly UI
  • Swift customer support system which includes a live chat help desk
  • Includes 75 comprehensive and detailed email templates
  • Offers a wealth of information through its real-time detailed reporting and analytics
  • Allows for web tracking with Google Analytics to sync your website and monitor subscriber engagement

What is Moosend?

Moosend is an email marketing platform that assists small businesses in running effective marketing campaigns. It's a professional tool you can use for marketing automation.

As an all-in-one platform, few email marketing systems provide as much value for such little money as Moosend. Moosend offers over 75 free, comprehensive, and detailed templates with a drag-and-drop newstter editor for building new or updating pre-existing templates. 

Its real-time detailed reporting and analytics offer a wealth of information with geolocation, click maps, and money earned from email marketing campaigns and customers. All for $9 a month!

Pay-as-you-go credit options are also available if you don't engage in email marketing that often. If that's not enough, Moosend also allows you to monitor unforeseen problems and provides solutions. This feature is not common among email marketing platforms. 

Equally, with Moosend, you can assess the most effective internet marketing techniques. Additionally, its API can be integrated with other platforms. Overall, it is among the best email marketing tools if you require automated workflows at a fair price.

Send an email: email marketing and marketing automation

Moosend's Campaign Creation Wizard walks you through the process of sending emails. You can choose from any of the campaign options available: Regular Campaign, A/B Split Test Campaign, Repeatable HTML Campaign, RSS Campaign, and Automation Campaign.

These all have their uses and functioned well when I tested them. You can use the Regular Campaign if you opt for conventional newsletters and marketing emails. The RSS Campaign feature can be invaluable as RSS feeds are excellent content sources.

create a new campaign

Email marketing Moosend features

1. Email editor

With Moosend’s email builder, creating professional and personalized emails proved to be a piece of cake. 

Moosend’s editor offers many modes located at the top of the screen: edit, preview, code, history, and comments. 

Moosend email editor

Worth noting is the ease of use of this editor. The colorful design may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but it helps in functionality as more colors and icons help in navigation. 

By turning on the Helper grid in the top right corner, first-time users can be guided on what to do and how to do it. As a not-so-professional email designer myself, I tested the Helper grid, and it showed me the necessary pieces that matched my email layout as I typed.

Also, Moosend included many customization options to make emails as personalized as possible. Such options include changing what customers view based on specific conditions or triggers. I was able to include customers’ names by adding merging fields and was also able to set dynamic product recommendations or offers based on the pages they have viewed on my website.

moosend template library

The spam test is another handy feature in Moosend. This free test and preview option makes your message open-worthy in clients' eyes.

I liked the percentage grading of the spam test. 100% indicates the readiness of the message to reach the inbox, and 0% means that it’ll more likely end up in the trash box.  Moosend will make recommendations to improve the message deemed not good enough.

Besides that, Moosend provides robust A/B testing features that many marketers will find helpful to optimize their email campaigns. You can run tests for your subject lines, email copy, CTA buttons, links, and much more.

2. Email templates

Moosend's email editor allows you to build fresh templates. It offers over 75 templates which seems a lot at first, but when you consider that most email builders provide significantly more, t could be much better.

To describe these templates as unique or original would be a stretch. They are nothing of that sort. But it's okay. What counts is that they're neat, uncomplicated, incredibly organized, and professional.

select trigger moosend

I liked the option to create a library for keeping edited templates because, as any editor can attest, finding the ideal template design for email campaigns is a not-so-easy task. As such, I find it a plus to have a library of my favorite templates stashed away.

template library moosend

In addition to editing pre-existing templates to suit business needs, Moosend allows users to import their own templates. You can do so in three ways: by using a link to import a template from a website, by adding a template, by pasting the HTML code, and by importing a template file from your computer.

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Marketing automation features

1. Workflow email automation templates

Unless you plan on manually sending hundreds of emails, your choice of email marketing platform must have automation as a key component. This not only saves time but helps to grow your business. To this end, Moosend shines brightly as it has the necessary technology to automate campaigns and provide drip-down features for efficient marketing.

Workflow email automation templates

As with all things Moosend, I found the visuals of the workflow editor very appealing. It balanced between simplicity and professionalism. 

For example, various automated actions are color marked for quick identification. If you're a first-time user, you will find these helpful in mitigating your troubles when navigating through the workflow editor. 

My greatest praise for Moosend's workflow editor is the overview of every workflow's function after each step. These walk you through the steps of preparing your automation for live use.

Establishing a trigger is necessary to build an automated campaign on Moosend. This may include joining your mailing list, buying something, or clicking a particular link.

The 32 various automation triggers offered by Moosend far exceed most of the competing email marketing services I've tried (such as GetResponse, Sendinblue, Constant Contact, and Mailerlite). 


Some of these triggers include Spilt flow; Send email campaign; Subscribe & unsubscribe to list; Add & remove tag; Set custom field value; Trigger another automation, and so on.

The flexibility and opportunities when it comes to triggers on Moosend are limitless. Besides the 32 available triggers, you may also start automation using events, custom fields, and tags. 

Moosend makes it simple to set several paths for each trigger. You may select the matching action you wish to take and establish filters based on the trigger that was used. 

To hasten the procedure, Moosend provides pre-designed automated processes and simple options. You can design your own workflows and user journeys. 

Even better? Moosend's triggers are equipped with web tracking, a highly effective marketing tool that connects automation to subscriber behavior.

Remarkably, Moosend’s workflow editor allowed me to construct trigger-based campaigns initiated in response to particular actions done by my subscribers.

Additionally, I was able–and fairly quickly at that - to create and send my clients welcome emails and cart abandonment emails (the latter of which is used to remind clients of items still in their online shopping carts).

2. E-commerce AI

Thankfully, Moosend made provisions for e-commerce automation (I mean, what would a platform famous for its friendliness towards e-commerce firms be without it?), most notable of which is its artificial intelligence dedicated to just that.

Ecommerce AI

E-commerce AI enables you to deliver tailored product suggestions to your consumers depending on their preferences which may be based on previous purchases.

For instance, if a customer orders or merely searches for a hair dryer and other hair products, their searches and purchases would be relayed to customers who search for similar hair products. Similarly, if a customer requests a 14-inch Dell Laptop, the AI would suggest additional computer accessories the consumer might require if they purchase that product. 

Moosend indeed does an excellent job at harnessing the full power of this technology to analyze data at my disposal to give me a list of goods my clients may find adorable. This feature (known as cross-selling) should not be understated as it will provide you an advantage over your competitors.

I also liked that I could track my customers’ paths allowing me to have a sense of what attracted them to me in the first place and their future preferences. This feature(s) makes Moosend indeed the ultimate choice for SMEs.

Manage your audience: segmentation and CRM tools

Email list management

Email list management entails creating, editing, filtering, merging, and ultimately de-duping customer lists. The options for managing customer lists on Moosend are limitless.


Data privacy is a big deal in email management, especially given the safety requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Therefore, this feature is one I constantly keep an eye out for in list management tools. Thankfully, I found data protection on Moosend to be highly prioritized. 

Moosend, like most email platforms, introduces a double opt-in system whereby they send confirmation emails to subscribers upon signing up. By doing this, you may confirm that they agree to receive emails from you.

Furthermore, the addition of suppression lists is beneficial. Suppression lists blacklist contacts deemed not worthy of your time. This feature assures a complete ban on their email address across all of your campaigns and mailing lists because sending emails to these people would be a privacy violation.

It was a pleasant surprise to see that Moosend offers this feature because it's something that is only sometimes expected on some email platforms.

Email segmentation

After list management comes segmentation. Segmentation allows you to focus on tailoring your email campaigns to match customer behavior. It's important because it helps to increase the conversion rate by segmenting and personalizing emails on a high level.

Using audience segmentation, you can categorize your customers into different groups based on their common traits and how likely they are to purchase your goods. This feature isn't exceptional on its own as it is present in, dare I say, every email marketing platform. But Moosend, being Moosend, found a way of making it distinctive through its nine pre-made segment templates and numerous criteria for email segmentation (33, to be precise).

Email segmentation moosend

These filters contain basic information like name and location. They also have complex ones like audience demographics, behavior, email open rates and engagements, and even how long they spent looking at a product. 

This extensive employment of web tracking makes Moosend's segmentation the crème de le crème of the email marketing world and the number-one choice for e-commerce retailers. After testing this feature, I again fell in love with its intuitive nature. I'm sure even the newest kid on the segmentation block would find it relatively easy to send personalized marketing campaigns on Moosend.

To sum it up, Moosend's segmentation tools augment its personalization and email automation functions pretty well.

Grow your marketing: landing pages and forms

Landing page builder

Moosend's landing page builder enables you to design professional sites for lead generation and marketing. 

Moosend's landing page builder is similar to its email builder, with a drag-and-drop editor for customization. 

Your landing pages' look and feel may be altered, and you can include forms, buttons, and other components. It features 38 modern templates and several design options to aid in customization, which demands little skill to master. You can create landing pages and newsletters with little to no prior coding knowledge.

landing page builder

Additionally, I found the "wheel of fortune" a rather amusing touch to the landing page editor. This wheel is useful when looking to freshen up forms and boost conversions. You may change the wheel's diameter and include any offers you like. Determine the probability for each slice of win or loss.

landing page

Again, I cannot overstate my love for Moosend's user interface in all aspects, most notably its email and landing page builders. The overall layout is flexible and visually pleasing, and you may obtain easy access via the left-hand side's list of tabs. 

Moreover, the speed at which said pages load is astonishingly fast. Worth noting is its integration with "success boosters" such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to enhance tracking.

Subscription forms

On Moosend, various form types are available for lead generation. These are inline forms, the floating bar, floating box, modal pop-up, full page, and promotional forms, with each having its function. 

For instance, floating box forms, as the name suggests, stay visible as visitors scroll while floating bar forms remain at the top or bottom of the screen. Likewise, modal pop-up forms bring up subscription forms on the page, while Inline forms allow you to add forms inside the content itself.

subscription type

Once more, Moosend's visual editor comes with many customizable templates that you may use.

An email address default field is present in every template for a signup form. You must choose Edit Custom Fields to add new data fields. You have the choice to gather whatever data you want, including by making your own data fields, thanks to this. 

What's more? You may decide which forms will be shown based on your selected criteria. Forms may be added to your Moosend automation mix to direct contacts to the appropriate forms and goods.

Moosend integrations

Moosend’s integration capabilities with third-party apps is one of its greatest strengths. These capabilities include platforms for CRM, e-commerce, list verification, lead generation, and social media.

I found the 42 direct third-party integrations available on Moosend a bit limited as other tools I’ve tested (like ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp) offered far more. Nevertheless, Moosend’s offer is a fair one. 

The integration of these third-party applications and services will improve the functionality of your email campaigns. 

  • CRM: It’s possible to integrate Moosendwith top CRMs such as Salesforce, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Pipedrive, and Hubspot.
  • E-commerce: Integrations with multiple e-commerce platforms, most notably Magento and Woocommerce, are available on Moosend. You may add product listings to your emails or create upsell automations when you set up these connections. 
  • Zapier: This platform connects to numerous websites and can be utilized with Moosend. You may thus connect with Zapier if you do have a Shopify store or any online store for that matter.

Moosend integrations

As evidenced throughout Moosends UI, the integration process is simple and does not require you to go through elaborate setups and procedures. You can integrate your website, app, or store with only a few clicks.

Moosend reporting and analytics

Moosend offers you the opportunity to track and evaluate the usage, effectiveness, return on investment, and other success measures of their campaigns. The inclusion of real-time data to track customer interaction is a big bonus for me. This means I no longer need to wait until the end to see how effective my campaign was.

moosend reporting

Some of the features include a Campaign Overview to access all information in one location; Heatmap analytics for tracking email link clicks; Customer activity tracking for a detailed insight into customer reaction and activity (like opening links and unsubscribing); location tracking for monitoring the location of clients on an interactive map, and device tracking to get more information on the search engines used by customers. 

On Moosend, you may utilize Google Analytics for further tracking.

Moosend pricing

Generous free trial

Perhaps users may believe the most likable thing about Moosend is its generous pricing plans. Technically, there is no free plan but rather a 30-day free trial that comes with all the core features offered by Moosend. 

This package gives you free access to nearly all automation features and marketing channels.

Subscription-based pricing

Moosend features two major subscription plans: Pro and Enterprise.

moosend pricing

Moosend’s Pro plan offers all the necessary features needed to expand your business. The Enterprise plan, with its unique pricing, is for larger companies with an excess of 200,000 subscribers who desire an account manager and other key features that come with it.

The price of each plan depends on the number of subscribers. For instance, on Pro, the monthly charge for 500 contacts is $9 monthly as opposed to the $16 monthly charge for 1000 contacts. 

Considering the caliber of its marketing resources and overall features, Moosend is inexpensive. You get good value for the money paid. 

Email credits add-on

Moosend’s flexibility also extends to its payment system. It offers you the opportunity to pay only when emails are sent. This pay-as-you-go system is handy for people who do email marketing once in a while. 

Pricing differences between monthly and annual plans

Below is a table showing the different prices at which monthly and annual plans go for the same number of contacts. 

Number of contacts Monthly paid plan Annual paid plan
0-500 $9 $7
501-1,000 $16 $13
1,001-2,000 $24 $19
2,001-3,000 $32 $26
3,001-5,000 $48 $38
5,001-8,000 $64 $52
8,001-10,000 $88 $70
10,001-25,000 $160 $128
25,001-50,000 $315 $252

Moosend customer support

Moosend offers exceptional customer service as well with support provided without charge. Any strategy may be assisted. The customer service department is also reachable by phone, email, and live chat.

customer support

Knowledge base

Moosend has an impressive knowledge base with multiple categories of FAQs divided into support articles, tutorial videos, and webinars.

Email support

Two email addresses, one each for sales and marketing, are available on the site for email support.

Chat support

The live chat feature on Moosend is the quickest method to request assistance when problems pop up. I contacted the support team via live chat, and I must confess that the response was surprisingly fast. 

Account manager and priority support only for Enterprise plans

Unlike the Pro plan, Moosend’s Enterprise features, among other things, an account manager and priority support.

Moosend Review: Is this the right tool for you?

Undoubtedly, the primary question lingering on readers' minds is: “Is Moosend right for me?” The answer to this question depends on what you’re looking for.

As reiterated throughout this piece, Moosend’s key features are specifically designed to cater to the needs of small businesses. 

The automation workflows offered by Moosend are pretty solid when compared to options with comparable price tags. Furthermore, the easy-to-use nature of its user interface would leave you feeling like a pro. 

I wouldn't pass up Moosend when selecting the best email marketing solution for your company, given how reasonably priced it is and its sophisticated features. Besides, you won't have to put up with any obnoxious branding on your emails because all plans have unlimited email storage, which is a major bonus.

However, Moosend is no silver bullet. As an all-in-one marketing tool, it leaves much to be desired. The lack of CRM and a sizable number of integration with third-party platforms are restrictions that are too big to ignore. If you put aside these somewhat minor shortcomings, Moosend has proven itself to be a reliable email marketing for entrepreneurs and SMEs alike, a claim backed up by many positive customer reviews.

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