10 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tools in 2023

May 24, 2023
Irina Maltseva

Your products or services work great, and the advertising game is set. You even get visitors on the website, but they bounce off without making the purchase.

Some people are not signing up for your newsletter or filling out a form.

And even if visitors convert, the overall conversion rate is lower than you expected.

If this sounds familiar, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the top conversion rate optimization tools.

We chose these tools after testing dozens of apps in the market and bringing the best to the table. 

Best conversion rate opimization tools: comparison

Best for
Cheapest plan
Best for
User behavior-based optimization for websites
Cheapest plan
$39 for 3K sessions/mo
Best for
User behavior-based optimization for apps and websites
Cheapest plan
$39 for 25K sessions/mo
Best for
Businesses looking for a budget-friendly option
Cheapest plan
$18 for 10K pageviews/mo
Best for
Fast conversion rate optimization
Cheapest plan
$39 for 5K recordings/mo
Best for
All-in-one CRO
Cheapest plan
Best for
A/B testing-based CRO optimization
Cheapest plan
$39 for 10K sessions/mo
Best for
CRO testing for both web and apps
Cheapest plan
Request a quote
Best for
Multivariate testing
Cheapest plan
Best for
Tracking website metrics
Cheapest plan
Best for
Visitor behavior analytics and CRO testing
Cheapest plan
$29/mo for 30K pageviews

What is conversion rate optimization (CRO)?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of making changes, which increases the number of website visitors who take the expected action. The expected action could be clicking a link, making a purchase, filling out a form, etc. 

The desired KPIs could be achieved through various methods, such as A/B testing, usability testing, and analyzing website data to identify areas for improvement.

Types of conversion rate optimization tools

There are mainly three CRO tools categories, which are mentioned below:

Behavior analytics tools

Behavior analytics tools help you to find out how visitors interact with your website and why they interact in a certain way.

With these tools, you'll find out the following:

  • The pain points
  • What website issues users face
  • Why they don't take the actions you want them to take

These tools answer questions such as:

  • Why are users not submitting the form?
  • Till what point are they scrolling down on the webpage?
  • Which CTA is working well, and what changes are required?

You can make the necessary changes to improve your conversion rates with this information.

CRO testing tools

The CRO testing tools help you experiment with the website. You can create multiple versions of a webpage or element to see which performs best.

For instance, after reviewing the user interactions with the behavior analytics tool, you found that most people bounce off the form while filling in a specific field. With the CRO testing tool, you can:

  • Decrease the fields
  • Change the fields' order
  • Make other changes based on the analytics information

Then, compare these different versions and the original form and choose the one that performs the best.

Web analytics tools

Web analytics tools help you track key website metrics such as bounce rate, unique visitors, average session duration, etc., and determine the overall performance of the website.

For example, suppose users visit your website or a landing page and don’t convert into customers. In that case, web analytics tools can help you to collect enough data to understand why it's happening and take further action.

Top 10 best conversion rate optimization tools

1. HotJar

HotJar homepage

HotJar is a conversion rate optimization tool that helps you understand user behavior using heatmaps, session recordings, polls, surveys, and direct feedback.

It is best for website owners who want to know how users spend time on their websites.

All these HotJar's conversion rate optimization tools are divided into two categories:

  1. Observe plan allows to visualize user behavior with heatmaps and see what users see with recordings. Using the heatmap tool, you can find out how users click, move, and scroll. For each user activity, there's a separate heatmap. And speaking of recordings, you can check each visitor's journey on your website.
  1. Ask plan includes feedback features that allow users to provide input on the go. They can rate the customer experience, make comments, and mark specific sections.

You can create surveys on HotJar using their pre-defined templates. Then, place them anywhere in the customer journey.


Heatmaps show user scrolling, moving, and clicking behavior

Features such as rage clicking and showing click % for every element

Video recording feature of real users' sessions

Easy to integrate with your website

Powerful integration with Shopify


No extensive conversion funnel reporting tools

No sessions recording for mobile apps


Moving to pricing, a free trial is available for both Observe and Ask plans. Observe's cheapest pricing plan starts at $39/month. It provides 3000 sessions/month and all the necessary features.

Ask's starting plan comes at $59/month. It offers 250 monthly responses and unlimited surveys, and feedback widgets.

2. Smartlook

Smartlook homepage

Smartlook is a behavior analytics tool that offers heatmaps and session recording features. It helps you understand user interaction with your mobile app and website to improve conversion rates.

Smartlook stands out with the ability to create heatmaps and visitors' recordings for mobile apps. This functionality is not available on most of the CRO tools we reviewed.

The heatmaps work similarly to HotJar, offering three types: click, movement, and scroll maps.

Moreover, Smartlook offers a special heatmap for mobile apps—the radioactive heatmap. It highlights the essential elements of different app pages.

You can identify how users interact with your app with a radioactive heatmap. It’s an exclusive feature we have not seen in any heat mapping tool.

But it lacks features such as rage clicking and showing % of clicks for specific elements. With these features, one can have a deeper insight into how users interact with particular elements. 

Visitors' recordings can give you a detailed view of each user's journey. While reviewing the journeys, you can easily skip inactivity and watch the recording at an increased speed. 

Besides that, there's an Events feature, which lets you define a user activity as an event—for instance, clicking a button, adding an input, etc. For these user activities, Smartlook will provide you with quantitative data on how many users are clicking the button, how many people are adding input, etc.

Smartlook also provides you with statistics for each event.


Heatmaps for both websites and apps

Visitors' recording for websites and apps

Easy and fast setup

Funnels analytics features and visitors replays

Great integration with WordPress


Doesn't provide heatmaps features such as click % and rage clicking detector

Doesn't provide feedback features such as surveys and polls

Data is only retained for one month in the starting plans


Smartlook offers a forever-free plan.

The cheapest plan costs $39/month, providing up to 25,000 sessions/month. The plan offers most of Smartlook’s features.

However, you'll need to switch to more advanced plans if you want more heatmaps, funnels, and events.

3. Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange homepage

Lucky Orange is a behavior analytics tool that offers a bunch of tools under one roof.

If we compare Lucky Orange's heatmaps feature with its competitors, they would be less powerful. Yet, they work well for most businesses.

When it comes to Lucky Orange’s session recording features, they offer a live view. With that, you can check how active users interact with your website in real-time.

Additionally, there’s a live chat option available. However, it’s pretty simple and only allows you to have essential interaction with the website visitors.

There are some more CRO features that are worth mentioning:

  • Form analytics: it shows how website visitors engage with your forms.
  • Visitor profiles: It creates a profile of each unique visitor from where you can see their entire journey.
  • Surveys: You can create and share surveys using this feature.
  • Announcements: You can create announcements and show them as pop-ups on any web page.


It's an all-in-one conversation rate optimization tool

You can add unlimited team members for all plans

Shows visitors' recordings and real-time activity

Budget-friendly website conversion rate optimization tool


Only sixty days of data retention, even on the higher plans

Only click and scroll heatmaps; no movement heatmap is available

Live chat has basic features


Every plan, including the free one, offers all the features that Lucky Orange offers. The only significant difference is the number of pageviews/month.

The cheapest paid plan costs $18/month and allows 10000 pageviews/month.

4. Mouseflow

Mouseflow homepage

Mouseflow is another user behavior CRO tool that uses heatmaps and session recordings to point out the issues on the website.

The app stands out with its session recording tool that has features to pace up hunting the pain points. The tool automatically detects frustrated customers, so you won't need to review all the recordings manually.

There are key red flag metrics that show where the user faced issues. Apart from that, you can add tags and variables to easily and rapidly detect issues.

Coming to heatmaps, Mouseflow offers six types. The first three are the general ones that show your website visitors clicking, scrolling, and moving behavior.

Besides that, the attention heatmap shows low-interaction and high-interaction areas of the webpage. Next, the live heatmap is useful when you want to see the real-time activity of the users. And lastly, the geo heatmap helps you visualize the geographical locations of your website visitors.


Offers more variety of heatmaps in comparison to other tools

Provides outstanding session recording features for rapid issue detection

Allows direct feedback from customers

Provides conversion funnel analytics and forms analytics


The little-bit steep learning curve

Tough to track users who visited multiple pages

Limited filtering options


The forever free plan offers 500 recordings/month.

If your website has more traffic than that, you can switch to the cheapest paid plan. That costs $39 per month, offering 5000 recordings per month.

The other plans are:

  • Growth: $129 for 15,000 recordings/month
  • Business: $259 for 50,000 recordings/month
  • Pro: $499 for 150,000 recordings/month

5. Plerdy

Plerdy homepage

Plerdy is an all-in-one platform that offers multiple products for conversion rate optimization. It’s perfect for businesses of all sizes and niches, including e-commerce.

Like most user behavior CRO tools, Plerdy offers heatmaps and session recording features. On top of it, there's an inbuilt pop-up creator and a net promoter score (NPS) tool.

You can purchase Plerdy’s CRO/UX product to get all the features mentioned above.

Besides that, there are many features built explicitly for e-commerce businesses. You can use Plerdy’s analytics to see which elements your e-commerce customers interacted with before making a purchase and get detailed insights on what directly impacts website sales.

If you are an e-commerce business owner, Plerdy would be your go-to tool.


All-in-one CRO tool

Flexible purchase options as per the features required

Exclusive analytics app for e-commerce

Popup and survey tools


Complicated user interface

The SEO analytics app is basic

Only six months of storage, even on the top plan


Plerdy's cheapest paid plan comes for $122/month. It includes all the tools that Plerdy offers. However, if you don't require all CRO features, you can buy individual tools as per your need:

  • UX & CRO: $32/month
  • Pop-Up: $18/month
  • SEO: $58/month
  • E-commerce: $94/month

6. Inspectlet

Inspectlet homepage

Inspectlet provides basic heatmaps and session recording features like its competitors. These features are sufficient for most businesses.

Inspectlet is best suited when you want to experiment with the user interface. It also helps you to improve funnel designs.

It allows to conduct A/B testing and provides simple-to-use features to compare the performance of the original and tested pages. Inspectlet offers a visual editor where you can design page and element versions for your tests.

Another feature that helps boost conversion is error logging. It's an automatic error-tracking system that finds out what issues visitors face. 

Lastly, Inspectlest offers basic form analytics and feedback survey tools.


Easy-to-use heatmaps and session recording tools

A/B testing for webpages and funnels

Automatic error tracking system


Not highly customizable

A bit pricey for the features it provides


Inspectlet has a generous free version that offers all necessary features.

You can move to paid plans, where the cheapest comes for $39/month.

With that, you get:

  • Higher number of session recordings
  • More page views tracking
  • A/B testing for more visitors

7.   VWO

VWO homepage

VWO is enterprise-grade software that touches all areas of conversion rate optimization. It is mainly known for its A/B testing capabilities, but there's much more to offer.

With VWO, you can conduct deeper testing with multi-channel experiments, including mobile apps.

The software provides such features as:

  • Advanced level segmentation and targeting
  • Advanced reporting
  • Heatmaps
  • Session recordings
  • Form analytics
  • Website surveys
  • Visual editor
  • Code editor, and more

VWO offers specific packages such as:

  • VWO Testing: To accelerate conversions with web A/B testing, split URL testing, and multivariate testing.
  • VWO FullStack: Provides an opportunity for multi-channel experimentation with server-side testing and mobile app testing.
  • VWO Insights: Helps to analyze visitor behaviour with session replays, heatmaps, form analytics & on-page surveys.
  • There are other plans you can choose based on your needs.

They also offer service plans where they ideate, implement, and manage VWO for you.


All-in-one application with all necessary CRO tools

Advanced level A/B testing, heatmaps, and session recording features

Chat support for all plans

CRO optimization for all channels: web, mobile, apps, etc.


No free plan

Data retention only for three months, even on the highest tier


To get the VWO pricing based on your needs, you need to contact the sales team.

8. Google Optimize

Google Optimize homepage

Google Optimize allows you to run several experiments on your website and improve user experience. You can conduct the following:

  • A/B testing
  • Multivariate testing
  • Split testing
  • Server-side experiments

Google Optimize perfectly integrates with Google Analytics, helping you to quantify the result.

You can easily create the variant pages in Google Optimize using the visual editor. That simplifies the testing process a lot.

You can use the Google Optimize reporting tool for:

  • Measuring the experiments
  • Viewing the experiment summary
  • Improving all webpage
  • Variant performance against the objective


Free-of-cost tool

Advanced level A/B testing for webpages and specific webpage elements

Inbuilt visual editor with error detection

Individual reports for each experiment


The somewhat steep learning curve

Affects the website page speed


Google Optimize comes for free. But there’s a paid plan, too—Google Optimize 360. You need to talk to the sales team to get the pricing.

Optimize 360 allows more combinations in multivariate testing, simultaneous experiments, simultaneous personalization, and much more.

9. Google Analytics

Google Analytics homepage

Google Analytics is one of the top free-of-cost, easy-to-use business intelligence applications that tracks and reports website traffic.

Some key features of Google Analytics include:

  • Traffic and behavior data for your website: Google Analytics can help you understand how visitors interact with your website, including the pages they visit, the length of time they spend on each page, and the actions they take, etc.
  • Audience demographics and interests: Google Analytics can provide insights into the age, gender, location, and interests of your website visitors.
  • Acquisition and referral data: Google Analytics can help you understand where your visitors are coming from, whether it be through search engines, social media, or other referral sources.
  • Integration with Google Optimize: Google Analytics can be integrated with other Google products, such as Google Optimize, to give you a better overview of how your website is performing and what are the areas to improvement.


Ability to track numerous website metrics

It comes free of cost

Seamlessly integrates with Google Ads, Google Data Studio, Google Optimize, and many more apps


Continuous learning curve

Room for improvement in custom reports


Google Analytics doesn't cost a penny for small businesses

However, if the website hits over 10 million visitors per month, you can go for Google Analytics 360. You need to request a quote to get the pricing.

10. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg homepage

Crazy Egg is a top user behavior CRO tool, offering heatmaps and user session recordings. And its A/B testing tool is one of the difference makers.

You can set up the Crazy Egg A/B testing tool in no time. After setting up, you only need to select the element for which you require A/B testing. Then, one part of the  users will see the original version, and another part will view the new one. 

Crazy Egg's error tracking feature is crucial for improving the conversion rate. You can watch the errors occurring while users are interacting with the website.

For instance, if a button is not clickable or payment fails, it will appear on the error tracking feature. This feature lets you know where’s room for improvement and how to avoid losing conversions due to errors. 


It provides detailed heatmaps along with detailed numerical reports

Session replay tool with an additional feature to know completely avoided website elements

In-depth traffic analysis

Error tracking through session recordings


No free plan

All plans are billed annually


There's no free plan, but you can start with their 30-day free trial.

The cheapest paid plan comes at $29/month for 30,000 pageviews/month. The pricing is quite rigid, and they don't allow paying monthly.

Have questions?

What are CRO tools?

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tools are software tools that help businesses optimize their websites and other online properties for higher conversion rates. 

These tools help us understand:

  • The behavior of website visitors
  • Which areas of the website require improvement
  • Errors and issues that website visitors are facing
  • How forms, pop-ups, and other engagement elements are functioning on the website
  • The other factor that influence lead generation performance

What is a good conversion rate?

There is no one "good" conversion rate that applies to all businesses, as conversion rates can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the industry, the product or service being offered, the target audience, and the quality of the website. However, as a general rule, a 2-3% conversion rate is considered good for most businesses.

How do you calculate conversion rates?

Divide the number of converted visitors by the total number of website visitors. Then, multiply it by 100 to calculate the conversion rate. For example, if two people are converted out of 50 website visitors, the conversion rate will be:

(2/50) X 100 = 4%

How do you optimize conversion rates?

There are several ways to optimize conversion rate, such as adding a pop-up (for example, connected to exit intent), improving forms, providing a money-back guarantee, tracking and removing errors, etc.

Irina Maltseva

Irina is a Founder at ONSAAS, Growth Lead at Aura, and a SaaS marketing consultant. She helps companies to grow their revenue with SEO and inbound marketing. In her spare time, Irina entertains her cat Persie and collects airline miles.

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